Taipei Pop Music Center

The Taipei Pop Music Center extents the concet hall to a 24-7 experience.

The institution is not only contemporary in its architectural and landscape expression, but also programmatically unique in combining a large outdoor auditorium, a Pop Hall of Fame, and a 6,000 person indoor arena with a variety of industry and commerce. With a minimum budget and extreme land coverage restrictions, the proposal deploys two strategies: densification and maximization. While the potential of large crowds and audiences might suggest decentralization and dispersion, the designed volume embraces densification to concentrate activities, to spawn new program, and to encourage programmatic overlap. The second strategy maximizes media surfaces, with performance venues extending beyond auditorium boundaries and into the landscape spaces.


Taipei, Taiwan



18.9 acres






Counts Studio



Counts Studio Taipei Pop Music Center Night Rendering of Music Center

Pop Music Center ties with the approach and existing circulation to maximize usability, crowd control for events, and 24-7 entertainment.

Counts Studio Taipei Pop Music Center Plan Diagrams of Landscape
Counts Studio Taipei Pop Music Center Section Diagrams
Counts Studio Taipei Pop Music Center Birds of View of Conceptual Computer Model of Design
Counts Studio Taipei Pop Music Center Concept Sketch Rendering