Perry Harvey Sr. Park Proposal

2011 Runner-Up

Building upon the park’s rich ethnographic history, physical attributes, and proximity to a new mixed-use development, this proposal transforms an under-performing neighborhood park into a high-performance urban landscape and destination park for all citizens of Tampa to enjoy.

Rich ethnographic history, strategic location, and generous size lend the Perry Harvey Senior Park the potential to become a world class public space and a source of pride for the citizens of Tampa. Celebrating the rich ethnographic heritage as a unique cultural landscape, the proposal considers designed systems which maximize environmental, social, and economic benefits while minimizing or eliminating negative impact on the natural environment. Design intervention enhances and mimics natural systems, fosters energy and natural resource conservation, and reduces long-term operating and maintenance costs to make the new park a model for sustainable urban design in Florida. Through a collaborative design process which engages community and City alike, the proposal engages digital media to introduce an environmental education program that describes to visitors how sustainable practices are employed in the park.


Downtown Tampa, Florida



11 acres



Public Park


Design Team

Counts Studio, Lead Park Designer

URS, Prime Consultant and Project Management

Natural Learning Initiative, Playground Consultant

Team Pain Enterprise, Skate Park Design Consultant

URS, Civil Engineering and Utilities

Stephanie Farrell Development, Architect

Janus Research, Cultural Resource  Consultant

Counts Studio Perry Harvey Park Aerial Diagram of Proposed Park and Buildings
Counts Studio Perry Harvey Park Ethnographic Diagram
Counts Studio Perry Harvey Sr Park Program Matrix Image
Counts Studio Perry Harvey Park Analog existing conditions model photograph in black and white.
Counts Studio Park Comparison Study in Plan View
Counts Studio Perry Harvey Park Proposal Sun and Shade Studies of Existing Trees in Plan View
Counts Studio Perry Harvey Park Proposal Process Model Photographs
Counts Studio Perry Harvey Park Proposal Plaza Rendering
Counts Studio Perry Harvey Sr Park Aerial Google Earth and Collage Image Showing Context