Pedestrian Mall

A mosaic of expressive custom-designed pavement, planted landforms adorned with walking paths and digital displays, and a constellation of signature urban chandeliers define the character of this iconic public space for 24-hour shopping and entertainment.

Shopping, people watching, and event spaces are animated day and night by a diversity of micro-climates, an assortment of raised and lowered plazas, and integrated outdoor digital displays. The character, program, and expression of this pedestrian mall are informed by its need to simultaneously function as a public park, gathering space, and a linear plaza. A syncopated gradient of landforms are carefully distributed into the plaza as a means to shape outdoor rooms, insert miniature park amenities, and introduce elevational changes. Detailed shade and sun analysis of the site were used to create a range of micro-climates throughout the design to enhance visitor comfort and facilitate year-round outdoor use.  The fluctuating spatial character and bold pavement design is juxtaposed against the repeating character of the adjacent architectural façade to create a diversity of recognizable places within the hyper-density of its architectural context. A central plaza is framed by civic stairs, bold landforms, outlook prospects, and digital screens embedded in the landscape to form a event venue for this uniquely energized shopping and entertainment district.


Zhuhai, China



4 acres






Counts Studio