Lunar House Garden

Defined by the ephemeral elements of landscape, the Lunar House design elegantly terraces interior and exterior program, while figuring the architecture with robust woodland plantings of native vegetation, linear swaths of bluestone pavement, and an embedded stormwater management system.

Lunar House is a unique living environmental shaped by light and texture in both building and landscape. Lunar House is groundbreaking in using Corian Solid Surface—a durable and environmentally sustainable material—as the exterior cladding, which beautifully frame vantages of the residence from the landscape. The house is also robotically carved and lit in various ways. Occupying as little ground as possible, Lunar House's small footprint allows more of the landscape to be allocated towards planting and water retention. The terracing of the interior and exterior program areas encourages visual continuity while allowing various activities to maintain autonomy.


Typical 50' x 100 ' lot proposal



5,000 sf






Counts Studio




C.E.B. Reas

Counts Studio Lunar House Plan Diagrams