Happy Valley Garden

2014 International Competition Winner Out of 900+ Entries

Winning first place out 900 entries from 30 countries, this innovative outdoor environment inspires visitors with a playful sense of wonder and discovery through an expressive composition of bold swaths of color, dancing concrete ribbons, and dramatically sculpted landforms.

Happy Valley Garden, the first place winner of the 10th China International Garden Expo, is an installation that instigates play and wonder. It aspires to maximize fun, human enjoyment, and exchange among an eclectic collection of visitors from all over the world. The garden is a celebration of differences between both metaphorical and physical highs and lows expressed through voluptuous topography, flowering ground covers, and imaginative pathway networks. Each visitor is invited along the same path from which they traverse a choreographed experience of cinematic views. Concrete paths become bands of dancing ribbons that guide everyone through undulating topographic elevations, ultimately sculpting a unique, interpretive experience for each visitor.


This project is a 2014 international competition 1st place award winner of an international competition of over 900 entries from 30 countries worldwide.


Whuhan, China



11,000 sf






Counts Studio

Counts Studio Section Elevation Drawings of Happy Valley Garden
Counts Studio Path Perspective Rendering Happy Valley Garden
Counts Studio Aerial Perspective Rendering of Happy Valley Garden at Night Revealing Glowing Paths
Counts Studio Illustrative Aerial Rendering of Happy Valley Garden
Counts Studio Perspective Rendering of Children Playing in Happy Valley Garden at Night from Bamboo Area
Counts Studio Happy Valley Garden Interior Path Perspective Rendering Image