Firm overview

Urban Park Design

Intimate Space Design

We are passionate about urban parks and the democratic ideals they embody. We are based in New York City for the daily opportunities to continue to live in, learn from, and be inspired by masterpieces of the urban landscape.

We enjoy working with home owners and architects in creating beautiful and intimately scaled contemporary garden projects with innovative design solutions that grow naturally from physical circumstances.

Master Planning

Our firm is internationally recognized for our award-winning Master Plans. We believe strongly in the creative, economic, and logistical benefits in establishing an appropriate and inspiring vision at the earliest stages of a project.

Our experience with fund raising, public process, graphic design, and digital and social media makes us highly effective partners. We believe that for each project to reach its potential, community outreach techniques and strategies must be custom designed for their particular political, physical, and economic circumstances.

Public Process Facilitation

Graphic Communication

Community Outreach

Understanding and responding to a community’s needs, desires, and concerns are critical aspects of producing the right design for the right place. Our public process facilitation qualifications include experience with some of the most high-profile, complex, and contentious urban landscape projects in the world.

Our office is fluent in the most cutting edge digital graphic and design communication software and techniques. This capability, coupled with the flexibility and responsiveness of our size gives us the unique capacity to easily custom tailor our working methods, production, and content to each individual client and project.

Private Development

We assist private developers in helping to shape a vision for their outdoor spaces. We understand the importance of economic resourcefulness, maintaining project schedules, and productive collaboration between team members.

Public Space Design

Project Administration

Connecting public spaces to their context and ensuring that these spaces have the durability and cultural resonance to maintain relevance, usefulness, and beauty informs our design process.

Our commitment to design excellence is supported by over 50 years of combined experience in project administration, budgetary management, and construction implementation. We have the skill, knowledge, and experience to bring beautifully constructed and detailed projects on-time and on-budget.

Founded in 2009, Counts Studio is an international award-winning landscape design practice that approaches our work as a science-based fine art capable of enhancing the daily lives of people in cities. Our site designs are visually expressive, spatially conceived compositions that shape outdoor rooms for living. We collaborate with architects, engineers, and city officials to create work shaped by principles of sustainability and understood through movement, light, and time. Our staff is comprised of landscape architects and urban designers passionate about the creation of inspiring outdoor environments defined by their ecological health, social vibrancy, and material richness. With all of our projects, we share a commitment to deliver  design work of the highest possible quality through the goals and aspirations of our clients. We have won numerous international design competitions, been published widely throughout the world, and received the industry’s top honor, an American Society of Landscape Architects National Honor Award. Our current projects vary greatly in scale and complexity; from a competition awarded 220-year old Public Square in Raleigh, NC, a 40-acre on-structure civic landscape located between 60 high-rise towers for 15,000 people in southern China, to a 1,600 sf residential garden in New York City.


Our commitment to design excellence is supported by over 50 years of combined experience in project administration, budgetary management, and construction implementation. We have the skill, knowledge, and experience to bring beautifully constructed and detailed projects in on-time, and on-budget using the most up-to-date software programs and technology in combination with our unique analog process for testing ideas and solutions for the best possible outcome. Our leadership and staff are comprised of licensed professionals committed to the realization of work that captures the imagination and endures the test of time.


Our workplace diversity supports our inclusive approach to design at every level. Both practices were founded on the belief that cultural richness makes great places. We know the value of having many voices, and together, we lead a diverse team to accomplish our goals. Our successes lie within our capacity to offer clients a variety of perspectives and products, especially when we approach complex and socially vibrant sites. We share a mutual mission for not only respecting, but embracing the differences among us that together, allow us to reach our full potential. Our team structure and internal policies are designed to enhance that agenda. Not only is our mission to be an open, transparent and supportive environment where all voices are heard, but the projects we selectively work on strive to foster all aspects of diversity, to make positive contributions to society, and to inspire change. We aim to contribute to the well-being of people across our nation and abroad. We believe it is our challenge and reward to reach communities through meaningful public engagement, design, and implementation to build a better world.

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