337 Garden

Located behind a historic New York City brownstone, the redesign of this 200-year-old garden delivers timeless elegance through a Mondrian inspired rearrangement of 106 existing stone slabs, six 30’ canopy trees, and a green carpet of ferns, mosses, and groundcovers.

The 106 existing slabs of Manhattan schist originally laid out in 1837 were recycled and rearranged as a gigantic puzzle to form split level terraces. Ranging in size from 6’ x 8’ to 1’ x 1’ the horizontal composition of stone and plants, inspired by the paintings of Piet Mondrian, allows mosses, ferns, and trees within the terraces to soften the distinction between garden and path. The layout of the upper terrace was calibrated to accommodate the installation of a Matthew Ritchie Sculpture titled, "Night Drawing" (Composition No. 3) 2014. To improve privacy, spatial definition, and views from inside the house six 30’ tall Tulip Polar trees were craned over the six-story brownstone to create and “green ceiling” for this elegant outdoor room. Chosen because of their vertical growth habit, stately form, dramatic fall color, and high canopy flowers, the Tulip Poplars are also recognized as the number one carbon sequestering tree in New York City. This instant three-story grove of trees also acts the year-round visual centerpiece from the second floor of the newly remodeled living room via a sweeping new 26’ wide window. The connection to the garden is further enhanced by the introduction of a new cantilevered outdoor staircase designed by Counts Studio. The steel and wood stair design visually recedes into the garden and delicately transitions from the historical character of brownstone to the contemporary design expression of the garden.


New York, New York



1,600 sf



Residential Garden


Design Team

Counts Studio, Landscape and Garden Stair Design


Matthew Ritchie, Sculptor


Paul Scott Architect, Architect


Becker Engineering, Structural Engineer


Steven Dubner Landscaping, Landscape Contractor

337 Garden Conceptual Physical Model Photograph of Early Garden Design
Counts Studio 337 Garden aerial photograph of existing conditions and aerial rendering of after.
Counts Studio 337 Garden Before and After Plan Diagrams
Counts Studio 337 Garden Rendering from lower terrace with view of sculpture
Counts Studio 337 Garden existing schist stone slabs inventory to be reused process
Counts Studio 337 Garden  stone reconfiguration model and layout plan
Counts Studio 337 Garden water runoff capture and recycling section drawing
Counts Studio 337 Garden 3d steel and wooden stair design studies.
Counts Studio 337 Garden Canopy tree selection from analog mode to tree selection and tree installation
Counts Studio 337 Garden Christopher Counts and Matthew Ritchie at Andrew Rosen Gallery
Counts Studio 337 Garden Rendering of Interior of Garden and Sculpture
Counts Studio 337 Garden Construction Photo of Tree Installation on 22nd Street